Our Founders

Douglas J. Spiker, DVM

Founder & President, Board of Directors

Dr. Spiker earned his Doctorate from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Florida State University. His current professional memberships include: American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association and the Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association.

In 2011, Dr. Spiker earned the Gold Star Award from the Florida Veterinary Medical Association for his dedication to the profession and the local community. He served as President (2010) and on the Board of Directors (2007-2009) for the Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association. Since 2009, Dr. Spiker has been a Co-Owner of an established multi-doctor veterinary practice in Tampa Bay, FL.


Christine A. Battista, MS

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Board of Directors

Ms. Battista earned her Master of Science degree in Consumer Affairs from Auburn University. She double-majored in Merchandising and Apparel Design, earning her Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University. Ms. Battista’s professional experience includes the product launch of Mad Maddie pet accessories, serving as a business consultant in marketing, merchandising and design, and product development for a major national retailer.


Bruce Newman

Board of Directors

Mr. Newman is a merger and acquisition executive with over 25 years of entrepreneur experience in developing and financing a variety of technology, media, product and service companies. Bruce’s background includes the creation and rollout of multi-channel client revenue strategies, supplier partnership agreements, product launches, business acquisition plans, internal control procedures, and capital financings to build and run successful operations.

Bruce has structured nearly $50 million in venture capital and private equity investments for private and public early stage companies where he was founder and CEO. In addition, Mr. Newman has served as lead sell-side advisor to numerous lower middle market businesses that were sold to strategic and private equity buyers. Mr. Newman is an organizational expert who understands the startup, expansion and exit phases of a business.

Special Advisors

Laura Mahony, JD MBA

Tom Cawthon

Kristin Heatherly, DVM

Susan Roberts