Facemasks are becoming the norm during the pandemic. In some high-risk areas, people can be fined for not wearing a mask in public. At Essentials PetCare, we require all staff and clients to wear facemasks for our contact-free pet visits.  

We know that reusable face masks can be expensive and surgical/medical grade masks should be reserved for healthcare workers, who are at the highest risk of exposure to Coronavirus. We’ve put together a quick and easy no-sew mask tutorial that you can make from a tee shirt. When you’re finished, you can add a bit of flair with our free pet embellishment patterns

No-Sew Mask Instructions: 

1. Cut about 7” off the bottom of the shirt. 

2. Cut a 1″ strip along the bottom edge. 

3. Cut the ends of the loop so that there are 2 pieces. These will be used later for the mask’s straps.  

4. Pull the straps to stretch them.

5. On the main piece of fabric, measure 8” for the mask’s width on both the top and bottom of the fabric. Then, cut out the rectangle.

6. Line up the cut layers and then fold the left and right sides in about ½”.

7. Cut small ¼ “ slits into the folds. Make them ¼” apart from each other down the sides. Do not cut the fold to the edge.   

8. When finished, unfold the sides and lace the straps through the slits, alternating between weaving over and under.  

9. Knot the straps at the desired length and then trim excess fabric.  

The mask is complete and ready to wear! Wash between uses by hand or in a delicates bag in the washing machine.  

Pet parents can also add embellishments to show-off their love for their pets! Download the below patterns and trace onto felt or pieces of fabric, and then follow this tutorial for a basic hand-sewing technique.  

*Note: Do not apply embellishments with glue and do not paint on the mask, as it is dangerous to breath in the fumes.