Just like us, pets should receive routine labwork. We have included labwork options in our new best value packages that make your pet’s care easier and more affordable than ever! Each package includes the essential vaccines your pet needs to stay healthy, portable prescriptions to fill at the pharmacy of your choice, and lab testing options tailored to your pet’s unique needs. We’ll give you the rundown to help you pick the best fit for your pet:

At Essentials PetCare, we offer tiered packages so you can select the best fit for your pet. Below we highlight our Guardian Package, which provides the most complete care (and best value!) option for your pet.

Guardian Package


Canine Vaccines: Distemper/Parvo, Leptospirosis*, Bordetella, Rabies

Feline Vaccines: Core, Rabies


Comprehensive Intestinal Parasite Test

Basic bloodwork + Heartworm test for dogs (with same-day results!) – Recommended for pets 6 years and under.

Doctor’s Exam and Portable Prescriptions

for flea and heartworm prevention (with negative heartworm test) and deworming.

Dogs: $140                                           Cats: $115

This package includes a bundled savings of $25!

Guardian Complete Package

This package includes all of the above, but instead of basic bloodwork, your pet will receive comprehensive bloodwork, plus a urine test. This package is highly recommended for pets 7 years and older, or for pets displaying certain symptoms. Early detection is key to treating health issues before they become serious!

Dogs: $160 (with Thyroid test: $170)    

Cats: $145 (includes Thyroid test)

This package includes a bundled savings of $25!

All of our best value vaccine packages can be customized to suit your pet’s lifestyle!

Does your dog visit dog parks, boarding or grooming facilities? Dog Flu vaccine: +$45; Dog Flu Starter Package (2 doses): +$80

Indoor-Outdoor Cat? Leukemia vaccine: +$15; FeLV/FIV Test + Leukemia Vaccine: +$35