Now offering in-house lab testing

Essentials PetCare now has two affordable options for in-house blood screenings and heartworm testing—both with same-day results!

  • Heartworm Test + Junior Wellness – $65: This canine-specific package is best for dogs of any age who need a heartworm test and who would also benefit from basic wellness testing, especially if they’ve recently experienced symptoms such as weight loss or other illness. It includes screening for liver, kidneys, blood sugar, and calcium to make sure organs and systems are functioning normally.
  • Basic Wellness Panel – $65: This package is for both dogs and cats of any age who would benefit from a basic screening, such as those who have experienced symptoms such as recent weight loss, illness, or if they will be having surgery or dental work soon. This screening also helps to ensure that there are no underlying issues that need to be addressed with liver, kidneys, blood sugar, calcium or electrolytes.

Add either of these in-house blood screening options to any vaccine or illness package and save $10!

As always, heartworm and blood testing services are offered seven days a week at our clinic. Contact us today for more information.