About Us

Welcome to Essentials PetCare! We are different. Think of us like your local walk-in healthcare clinic in a drugstore or grocery store, but for pets. We offer basic care: vaccinations to help your pet stay healthy, and we treat basic illnesses to make your pets feel better. We don’t treat any of the serious issues, but what we offer can help prevent them.




We will always post our prices so you know up front what you’ll pay. We are open evenings and on weekends to make caring for pets a whole lot easier. And we don’t waste any time. Our visits are fast, and we offer an online check-in feature that allows you to reserve your spot in line and view the current wait, so you know the best time to come in. There are no appointments to come see us, ever. Plus, our clinics are conveniently located within Walmart stores.

Come see us for a quick, inexpensive and convenient visit. Your pets need us and we think you will love our new way of caring for them.

We’re Different!

We are not like traditional, full-service veterinary hospitals. In order to keep prices low on our services, we do not offer many of the typical services and products found at traditional hospitals. Eliminating the need for expensive equipment and inventory allows us to offer the lowest prices possible on the essentials for pet health. We will be happy to refer you to a nearby full-service animal hospital for any services needed that are beyond the scope of our clinic.

Please DO NOT visit us with an emergency! You will be immediately referred to the nearest animal emergency hospital and we don’t want you to waste any time when your pet is in need of immediate care.

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