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Our Mission

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The mission of Essentials PetCare is to improve the lives of pets and their families by providing affordable, accessible, high-quality veterinary care.

Essentials PetCare emphasizes affordability and efficiency, in a convenient clinic near you–currently inside Walmart! This allows all pet owners to seek care that not only protects the health of cherished pets, but also serves to protect public health.

We believe that Essentials PetCare is the next step towards the future of veterinary medicine in which care is consistently high-quality.

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Our Vision

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    Expand the reach of veterinary care to all pet families through a national network of retail clinics that provide convenience and price transparency

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    Increase awareness of portable prescriptions, help reduce the prevalence of diverted medications, and ensure all pet families have access to reputable pet medications

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    Educate pet families on essential health topics to reduce the occurrence of serious preventable illnesses and the spread of zoonotic disease

Why See a Veterinarian?

Our pets are part of our family. Just as any member of the family, pets also need medical care to prevent or treat illnesses. Keeping our pets healthy means they will live longer, happier lives. Essentials PetCare is devoted to ensuring all families can afford to visit a veterinarian for basic and preventative care for pets.

Did you know that just like people, animals can get colds, coughs, sore throats, urinary tract infections, and bladder stones? Sometimes a pet can tough out these annoyances that come up; other times a doctor can help alleviate the symptoms and prevent illnesses from getting more serious. Just like you, your pet needs a doctor from time to time too!

Besides common sicknesses, pets can also contract “zoonotic” diseases that can be both life-threatening to your pet, and be passed on to you and your human family members. By simply getting annual wellness exams, vaccines, and heartworm preventatives, you can prevent dangerous illnesses and the costly treatments that come with them. Essential preventative measures cost very little up front, and will spare your pet future discomfort, not to mention treatment costs of major illnesses.

It’s Simple

Since the cost of prevention is a fraction of the cost of treating a disease,
we are changing the focus from treatment to prevention.

Stay Healthy with Preventive Care!

It’s Easy

We make it easy to provide essential care for your pet:


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