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IMPORTANT! Only ONE MASKED ADULT can bring a pet in for services – children and guests are not permitted inside due to COVID-19 safety measures. 
By bringing your pet to Essentials PetCare for services you agree to our Clinic Policies & Medical Consent.

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1. Select your clinic and enter your info. This will hold your place in line.

2. You’ll receive a confirmation text as well as an email with the estimated wait plus important visit info. Carefully review this message to ensure you are prepared to visit. New clients: watch for our call to set up your profile.

3. Depending on your wait time estimate and how far you are from the clinic, plan to arrive in the parking lot before your estimated time is up. Reply to our text to let us know you’ve arrived.

4. Wait in your car until we send you a text that we are ready for you to come inside. Once you receive our text to come inside, mask up and walk in with your pet!

Please note: If you are not in the clinic within a few minutes of receiving our text to come inside, you will lose your place in line.

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Please do not bring pets to
Essentials PetCare for emergencies!

Essentials PetCare focuses on preventative and minor illness care. We refer pets to full-service hospitals for issues that are beyond our scope of services.

Before you visit us >

  Check in online for same-day visits. Due to staffing, some locations currently have limited hours – view location info.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFO: Masks are required for all (humans)! ONE adult can bring a pet in for services.