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Visiting Essentials PetCare

Important info to know before visiting our clinics.

Clinic Policies

Essentials PetCare policies protect our clients, patients and staff, and help facilitate efficient visits, minimize wait times, and keep prices affordable.

  1. Proof of a current rabies vaccine is required for all patients for the safety of our staff, other clients, and general public health. Please have your current rabies certificate or medical records available. Rabies tags and vaccine reminders are not considered proof of vaccination. If your pet is not current on their rabies vaccine, we can administer at the same time as other services, if deemed appropriate by the veterinarian.
  2. A maximum of two pets per family are allowed per visit.
  3. All pets visiting for vaccines must arrive at least 1 hour before closing. Pets must arrive at least a half-hour before closing for minor illness exams.
  4. Please do not bring in: coughing dogs, female pets actively in heat, or stray animals for containment (we can only scan strays for a microchip).
  5. Dogs must be on a short leash (6-foot or less) or in a carrier. Cats must be in a carrier.
  6. Grocery carts are not permitted inside the clinic, and cannot be used to transport pets.
  7. Clients may not restrain their own pets.
  8. Only fully vaccinated, healthy pets are allowed in the short-term holding area.
  9. Prescriptions must be filled by the pet owner – our staff cannot do authorizations for prescriptions submitted online or by fax. Lost prescriptions may not be replaced or will incur an additional fee.
  10. Full payment is due at the time of service. We accept payment by cash, debit card or credit card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover). We do not accept checks or American Express cards.

Our team deserves the right to work in an environment without bullying, threats, or aggressive behavior. Most of our clients respect this right. Those who abuse our staff or policies will not be permitted to receive service at Essentials PetCare. Thank you for your cooperation.

When Not To Visit Us

We are here to take care of your pets and serve their basic health needs. Since we focus on preventative and minor illness care, we refer out to full-service animal hospitals for issues that are beyond our scope.

We Refer Patients To Full-Service Hospitals For:

  • Any issues that may require sedation, anesthesia, same-day diagnostics, dental procedures, x-rays, ultrasound, surgery, hospitalization, or euthanasia
  • Pets that have extreme behavior or social issues and can not be handled safely by our staff for examination/treatment (sedation may be necessary)
  • Very severe, complicated or multiple health issues that have been untreated for months or years
  • Abscesses, wounds, draining hematomas, suture removal
  • Ongoing monitoring or treatment for diabetes, seizures or behavior issues
  • Any condition requiring a prescription for a controlled substance

Emergency/Critical Care

Pet emergencies and indicators for needing more advanced care include, but are not limited to, the below circumstances. Please do not delay treatment – seek care at a full-service hospital soon!

  • Pet was hit by a car (even if they can walk and are acting normal, they need x-rays)
  • Open wounds or lacerations
  • Difficulty breathing, increased respiratory rate and/or effort, or heart failure
  • Ingested a foreign object, hazardous material, or is experiencing an allergic reaction/rash
  • Seizures
  • Pet is eating and drinking but has vomiting or diarrhea for more than 3 days
  • Pet will not eat or drink AND has vomiting or diarrhea for 2 days or longer
  • Dogs: persistent coughing
  • Cats: persistent vomiting

For all issues listed above, we will refer you to the nearest emergency or full-service animal hospital. If you are unsure if we can see your pet based on their symptoms, please give us a call before coming in. Please note: without our doctor seeing your pet, our staff can not give medical advice via phone, email or social media. We can let you know if it sounds like an issue we may be able to help with, or if we recommend seeking treatment at a full-service hospital.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We’re now offering Telemedicine Plus™ visits for existing patients! If your pet visited Essentials PetCare in the past 11 months and needs minor illness care, an intestinal parasite test, or a refill prescription for heartworm or flea prevention while we are closed, submit a request here.

Our clinics are temporarily closed to the public due to Coronavirus – here are links to stay informed: FAQs  – Reopening Info –  Newsletter Sign-up