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Operate a satellite clinic for wellness + minor illness care!

Located in Walmart

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Are you a full-service hospital owner or aspiring owner looking to optimize patient capacity and expand the reach of quality veterinary care? 

Essentials PetCare is a new breed of veterinary clinics. We have mastered the essential care pets need, focusing on vaccinations, minor illnesses, wellness, and other preventative and diagnostic testing. Our clinics are conveniently located at Walmart stores. 

Advantages of operating a walk-in retail clinic originated by Essentials PetCare

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    Easy, turnkey solution for significantly expanded reach to more pet owners

  • 2

    Reduce client congestion and scheduling inefficiencies at primary hospital by routing wellness/minor illnesses to affiliated EPC clinic

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    Refer existing cost-conscious clients and price shoppers to affiliated EPC clinic

  • 4

    Self-sustaining cycle of new client referrals to primary hospital

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    Lower stress work environment for rotation of hospital personnel

Who are Essentials PetCare Satellite Clinics for?

Established Veterinary Hospitals

Increase revenue, patient capacity and overall financial EBITDA by keeping larger margin activities at primary hospital (surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, radiology, hospitalization, advanced diagnostics) while performing lower margin activities (wellness and minor illness) at an affiliated EPC satellite facility with lower overhead. 

Independent DVMs

Utilize a turnkey solution to easily own and operate a veterinary clinic that reaches a new client demographic and provides a reduced stress working environment to improve work-life balance! 

Veterinary Care Made Easy

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    Same-day visits for vaccines and minor illnesses

  • 2

    Efficient client visits

  • 3

    Established medical protocols 

  • 4

    Transparent pricing posted online – no haggling or compromised care 

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    Convenient hours  

  • 6

    Portable prescriptions and minimal inventory 

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Our Mission is to improve the lives of pets and their families by providing affordable, accessible, high-quality veterinary care. 

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