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Own a satellite clinic for wellness + minor illness care!

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Are you a full-service hospital owner looking to optimize patient capacity and expand the reach of quality veterinary care? 

Essentials PetCare is a new breed of veterinary clinics. We have mastered the core care pets need, focusing on vaccinations, minor illnesses, wellness, and other preventative and diagnostic testing. Our clinics can be found in a convenient location. 

Advantages of operating a retail clinic originated by Essentials PetCare

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    Easy, turnkey solution for significantly expanded reach to more pet owners

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    Reduce client congestion and scheduling inefficiencies at primary hospital by routing wellness/minor illnesses to affiliated EPC clinic

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    Refer existing cost-conscious clients and price shoppers to affiliated EPC clinic

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    Self-sustaining cycle of new client referrals to primary hospital

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    Lower stress work environment for rotation of hospital personnel

Who are Essentials PetCare Satellite Clinics for?

Established Veterinary Hospitals

Increase revenue, patient capacity and overall financial EBITDA by keeping larger margin activities at primary hospital (surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, radiology, hospitalization, advanced diagnostics) while performing lower margin activities (wellness and minor illness) at an affiliated EPC satellite facility with lower overhead. 

If your hospital was 30% more efficient by diverting vaccine, minor illness, and reference lab visits to your satellite clinic, could you increase overall patient capacity and rotate your existing team between both facilities?

Check out our example, then see for yourself.
Run a treatment report for your hospital.

See how this works with your existing team, plus learn how hospital owners, staff, clients and pets will benefit.

Expansion Time + Cost Comparison

Do you know all that’s involved in opening a new practice?
See how we make it EPC-Easy!

Veterinary Care Made Easy

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    Same-day visits for vaccines and minor illnesses

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    Efficient client visits

  • 3

    Established medical protocols 

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    Transparent pricing posted online – no haggling or compromised care 

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    Convenient hours  

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    Portable prescriptions and minimal inventory 

The information contained herein is not an offer to sell or purchase any securities or a franchise, which will only be made following the qualification of a prospective licensee as a qualified purchaser and pursuant to the execution of a definitive Master License Agreement between the parties. Accordingly, the only representations upon which any prospective licensee should rely shall be set forth in such definitive Master License Agreement. 

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Our Mission is to improve the lives of pets and their families by providing affordable, accessible, high-quality veterinary care. 

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Are you a practice owner interested in the opportunity to own an Essentials PetCare location?