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Our prices are all-inclusive!

Enjoy bundled service savings, no hidden fees, and a doctor’s exam with vaccine & minor illness packages (unless noted).  Click here for what you need to know before your visit.

All locations are found inside your local Walmart, via a separate exterior entrance.

Virtual & contactless in-person visits are now available. Learn more here.

Vaccine Packages

Each puppy vaccine package includes a doctor's exam and portable prescriptions for deworming and heartworm and flea prevention.
Please arrive at least 1 hour before closing for vaccines.

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

8 week puppy


Distemper/Parvovirus Vaccine
Intestinal Parasite Test


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12 week puppy

12 WKS

Distemper/Parvovirus Vaccine
Intestinal Parasite Test


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16 week puppy

16 WKS

Distemper/Parvovirus Vaccine
Bordetella Vaccine
Rabies Vaccine(1-yr)


add $40 for Leptospirosis Vaccine
add $70 for Leptospirosis & Dog Flu Vaccines

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Best Value!


Includes the complete vaccine series PLUS a microchip, and three nail trims.


Total Savings of $60

Notes on Puppy Vaccines

Please note that a rabies vaccine requires a booster in 1 year if it is the patient’s first rabies vaccination, OR if no proof of previous vaccination is presented to our staff at the time of service.

The leptospirosis vaccine must be boostered 2-4 weeks later if it is the patient’s first leptospirosis vaccine. The cost for the booster vaccine is $35, unless included in the Best Start Puppy Package.

Distemper/parvovirus vaccine combo includes distemper, adenovirus (types 1 and 2), parvovirus and parainfluenza.

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Canine Minor Illness Packages

Our minor illness packages include a doctor's exam, relevant diagnostics, treatment recommendations, and a portable prescription for medication if necessary. Please arrive at least 1/2 hour before closing.

Ear Package
$45(or $30 with vaccines)
Skin package
$50(or $40 with vaccines)
Ophthalmic/Eye Package
UrinaryBring a urine sample; check your local clinic's lab schedule for availability
GI Upset PackageBring a fecal sample
Lameness/Limping Package

Canine Labwork

In-House Lab Tests with Same-Day Results

Essentials PetCare offers an affordable option for in-house blood screenings for puppies with same-day results.

Basic Bloodwork Panel

Reference Lab Testing

We also offer comprehensive reference lab testing. Give us a call for more info regarding your pet's needs.
Please note that we are not able to provide ongoing labwork/monitoring or prescriptions for conditions such as seizures or diabetes.

Parasite test
$35(Or add-on for $25)
Comprehensive Bloodwork +
$90(with Thyroid +$10)

Labwork can help with early detection of disease, which can lead to more optimal disease management.
A wellness screen could also potentially be used for labwork that may be required prior to major procedures, surgery or dentals.

Notes on Lab Testing

Due to our laboratory pick-up schedule, please note the following guidelines:
Bringing a fresh urine sample at opening is best for analysis. Please collect sample in a clean container with a lid. Please check your local clinic’s lab schedule for availability.

Bloodwork samples for comprehensive labs must be obtained by our staff according to your local clinic's pick-up schedule.

Fecal samples may be collected at any time, but results may be delayed. Please bring a small stool sample in a plastic bag/container when you visit with your pet. If you have 2 pets, please label each container with a name.

View your local clinic’s lab schedule.

Other services

If your pet is not visiting for vaccines, please remember to bring records showing proof of current rabies vaccine! Please note that rabies tags and postcard or email reminders are not proof unless they show all vaccine info (date given, date due, vaccine manufacturer/serial number). If your pet is not current, we can give a rabies vaccine at the same time as other services.

Microchip with lifetime registration

Please do not bring pets to
Essentials PetCare for emergencies!

Essentials PetCare focuses on preventative and minor illness care. We refer pets to full-service hospitals for issues that are beyond our scope of services.

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