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Annie’s Army

A new leash on life with a furever home and quality care at Essentials PetCare.

Annie at Essentials PetCare

Congratulations on rescuing your new fur-baby!

As a thank-you for rescuing a pet in need, Essentials PetCare would like to welcome you to the Annie’s Army Program by offering a FREE physical exam to your new pack member.


A FREE physical exam allows pet parents to:

1. Receive recommendations for the pet’s best preventative care, following a thorough doctor’s exam. The exam also includes a prescription to get started on flea prevention, if needed.

2. Have your questions regarding the new pet’s care answered by an experienced veterinarian, such as nutrition, questions about internal and external parasites, and preventative care recommendations.

3. Have your new pet registered to receive reminders when vaccinations, lab tests, or other important preventative health services are due.

You’ll be on top of your pet’s healthcare. Prevention is the best way to better health and lower pet care costs.

The Annie’s Army FREE physical is open to any dogs or cats rescued from a shelter or animal rescue group in the last 6 months. Check in online, then email your pet’s rescue papers and any medical records available to your clinic. You can also bring your rescue papers and medical records to the clinic at your visit. 

Restrictions Apply 

The Inspiration for Annie’s Army

"Orphan" AnnieWhen Annie was just a puppy, she was found wandering in the woods, suffering with a chronic skin infection. It was obvious she had been abandoned. Her rescuers realized that if Annie had seen a veterinarian for routine puppy care, her condition could have been controlled and she would not have suffered as much. It is likely that prohibitive costs of treatment contributed to her abandonment. Annie endured one year of intensive therapy, being hospitalized for months on end. Her strong will to live inspired the mission of Essentials PetCare to ensure all pet owning families can access quality health care at an affordable price.