In 2016, we opened our doors for the first time at our pilot clinic in Port Richey, Florida. We’re celebrating the history of EPC and hope you’ll help us expand our reach to even more pet families with a new and exciting location opportunity for full-service hospitals!

It All Started with “Orphan” Annie 


Our founders discovered Annie in the woods at a Florida park. She was starving and had severe demodectic mange. There were 3 scrapes on her body, which was indicative of a common skin test. It appeared that someone had taken her to a veterinarian, but likely could not afford to treat her skin at that stage. 

After a year-long road to recovery, Annie is a happy, healthy dog. Her recovery story inspired our mission to ensure all pet owning families can access quality health care at an affordable price. 

Our founders set to work crafting an innovative model to make pet care more accessible. Focusing on preventative and minor illness care allows us to eliminate the need for expensive equipment and inventory within our clinic. This has given us the ability to offer the highest quality services at the lowest possible price. Plus, our preventative and minor illness care is just a fraction of the cost of treating the serious diseases that we’re here to prevent! 


From Our First Clinic to Our Expansion 

On September 6, 2016, we opened our first clinic in the Port Richey, Florida, Walmart. Rosie, who was abandoned the day before we opened our clinic doors, was the very first patient we helped at our new clinic. Like Annie, she also suffered from mange and had very little hair. Rosie was fortunate to recover quickly, and to our surprise, blossomed from a hairless puppy into a beautiful long-haired Chihuahua! 

Soon after, our Port Richey clinic was thriving, and we turned our attention to expanding care to more pet families. We began opening additional clinics in Texas, Florida, and Georgia, starting in 2019.  

At Essentials PetCare, the health and safety of our patients, clients, and team is our first priority. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our operations from our original walk-in model to ensure safe visits. Pet parents can check in for same-day visits to receive updates on their wait time and an alert when it’s their pet’s turn.

Like with most other businesses, the pandemic also brought ongoing staffing challenges, but EPC strove to evolve our operations once again and find a unique solution to propel our mission further.  

Where We’re Going 

Since the beginning, our unique model has always been complementary – not competitive – to traditional full-service hospitals. We have now launched an exciting opportunity for full-service hospital practice owners to operate an Essentials PetCare satellite clinic! This is an easy, turnkey solution for significantly expanded reach to more pet owners in need of affordable care.  

We’re thankful to all the pet parents who have trusted us with their pet’s care since opening in 2016, and hope you’ll help us expand care to even more pet families

Essential Tip: Have a full-service veterinary hospital you love? Use the form below to send them a message about how operating an Essentials PetCare satellite clinic can complement their hospital. 

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