We’ve declared April to be Cat Safety Month at Essentials PetCare! Adoptable “Spokes-Cats” from The Little Cats’ Rescue will help us spread the word about common dangers for cats, such as poisonous plants, dangerous human medications, and common cat diseases.   

“As pet parents, we are always concerned about our pets’ safety,” said Dr. Douglas Spiker, DVM, co-founder and president of Essentials PetCare, “However, there are many common items, including Easter lilies, that can be very dangerous to our pets. We are hoping to increase awareness of these dangers during the month of April.”

Easter lilies (lilium longiflorum) and other lily species are very common this time of year and also extremely dangerous to cats. While the exact toxic component is unknown, cats appear to be the only species sensitive to its deadly effects. A cat who licks or chews on the plant may develop potentially fatal kidney failure. Even small ingestions, such as chewing a leaf or licking pollen, can be deadly.

Keeping cats safe from dangers, like Easter lilies, is the reason Essentials PetCare and The Little Cats’ Rescue teamed up for Cat Safety Month. Each featured cat will come with a safety tip and educational content.

“The Little Cats’ Rescue is thrilled to partner with Essentials PetCare,” said Little Cats’ Rescue’s founder, RaeAnna V. Saks, “This is a combined effort to help educate cat owners about these common dangers while also finding these kitties a permanent home.”

All the featured adoptable cats are healthy, neutered, and current on their vaccines. The adoption process involves an application, home visit, and a nominal adoption fee.

You can help spread the word about these common cat dangers and also help these cats find a home by following @EsentialsPetCare on Facebook and sharing the Spokes-Cat posts.