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Veterinary Technician

A position in veterinary medicine you can feel good about—every day.

Essentials PetCare provides high-quality, preventative and minor illness care to help ensure that all pets have access to affordable care. Our clinics are conveniently located at the front of Walmart, with a separate exterior entrance. We make it easy to provide care with posted pricing on our website and same-day visits. 

Our veterinary technicians are skilled, detail-oriented professionals who ensure our patients receive top-notch medical care, in an efficient visit. Technician experience is required for this position, as are people skills.

What You’ll Do

  • Perform skin and ear cytology, tonometry
  • Draw blood for in-house and reference lab testing
  • Implant microchips
  • Advise clients in choosing the best services for their pets
  • Provide client education on services, policies and preventative medications
  • Check in clients and patients into practice management software
  • Obtain medical history of patients
  • Manage patient reminders and paperless veterinary records
  • Restrain animals for treatment and examination
  • Assist with various laboratory procedures
  • Collect payments
  • Execute our cleaning and disinfecting protocols
  • Answer incoming client calls and participate in client outreach
  • Inventory management
  • Help train and supervise veterinary assistants
  • Cross-train and assist in all roles, as needed

How Essentials PetCare is Different

  • Work-Life Balance: No emergencies, no surgeries, and no critical cases mean less physical and mental stress. 
  • High-Quality Care: We are committed to the highest standards of veterinary care, with medical protocols based on expert recommendations from AAHA, AAFP, ACVIM, the American Heartworm Society, and CAPC.
  • Positive Work Environment: We cultivate a positive work environment. We employ strict safety protocols to provide a safe workplace for our team. We have a zero-tolerance policy as it relates to client bullying.

Minimum Requirements for the Veterinary Technician Position

  • Multiple years of experience as a veterinary technician
  • Ability to read cytology (skin and ears)
  • Blood draws
  • Perform tonometry
  • Familiarity with implanting microchips

Basic Requirements for All Positions

  • A dedicated passion and love for animals of course!
  • Proper restraint of dogs and cats of all sizes/temperaments
  • Must have a positive attitude and work well in a cooperative team environment
  • Must be detail-oriented and able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Must provide a high level of customer care and professionalism
  • Must have excellent computer literacy skills and be comfortable working with digital medical records
  • Must have reliable transportation to/from work
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time during scheduled shifts (4-8hrs)
  • Must be able to lift 30lbs
  • Must be able to perform all responsibilities as listed in job description without limitation
  • Ability to speak Spanish is preferred

All pets deserve love and quality health care. Help us make that happen at Essentials PetCare!

Please note that this position is currently filled. Thank you for your interest!

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