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Work on the sunnier side of veterinary medicine.

How We Are Different

Work-life Balance
Flexible, dependable schedules: choose 1-5 days/week to fit your lifestyle. No emergencies, no surgeries, and no critical cases mean less physical and mental stress. 

High-quality Care
We are committed to the highest standards of veterinary care, with medical protocols based on expert recommendations from AAHA, AAFP, ACVIM, the American Heartworm Society, and CAPC. 

Positive Work Environment
We cultivate a positive work environment. We employ strict safety protocols to provide a safe workplace for our team. We have a zero-tolerance policy as it relates to client bullying.

No emergencies. No critical cases. Essentials PetCare is a modern, fast-paced, paperless clinical practice with a mission to help underserved pet owners give their companion animals the care they need.

We strive to provide the ultimate convenience and affordability for pet owners, so our business model is different. We have mastered the core care pets need, focusing on vaccinations, minor illnesses, wellness, and other preventative and diagnostic testing. We make regular referrals to a network of quality full-service hospitals for complex issues, advanced diagnostics, procedures, dentals, and surgery.

At Essentials PetCare, we have established medical protocols based on the latest guidelines and best practices. We employ modern medicine and high standards to ensure high-quality, efficient visits for our patients.

To make veterinary care as accessible and transparent as possible, our services and prices are posted on our website. Our clinics are conveniently located at the front of Walmart, with a separate exterior entrance. We are open evenings and weekends and offer online check-in to make it easy for pet parents to seek care.

Are veterinary school student loans weighing on you, or are you looking for supplemental income? No contracts and no production-based pay – we keep it simple. Beyond offering a competitive and dependable salary, we believe in work-life harmony and understand the importance of a career that allows you to enjoy your life.

Our Day-to-Day Care Is Different
Since we specialize in routine, preventative care, our veterinarians work in a less-stressful environment with a dependable schedule. A typical day in our clinic would include:

  • Examining patients utilizing established protocols based on the latest AAHA and ACVIM recommendations
  • Educating clients about their pet’s needs and zoonotic diseases
  • Entering complete medical records into online practice management software
  • Discussing lab results with clients
  • Providing guidance and oversight to support staff as it relates to patient care and case management
  • Referring clients to local full-service hospitals for complex issues, procedures, dentals, surgery, euthanasia and emergencies

Minimum Requirements for the Veterinarian Position

  • DVM or equivalent degree and active state license
  • Capability of working in a fast-paced practice
  • High level of comfort with computers and digital medical records
  • Passion for client education

Whether you are looking for a full-time position without the stress of full-service care or want to supplement your income on your schedule, you can love your life and career at Essentials PetCare!

Are you a practice owner interested in the opportunity to operate an Essentials PetCare location?