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Your Pet’s Dental Care 

Dental care is an often overlooked but very important issue in our pets. We all know how to properly care for our own teeth, and we see our dentist regularly for cleaning and examinations. Did you know that cats and dogs get the same dental problems that we do? Regular care of your pet’s teeth is important. Additionally, all pets will need a professional dental cleaning when plaque and calculus begin to form or when other dental issues are noted on their physical exam. 

Of course, the biggest difference between ourselves and our pets when it comes to dental care is that our pets will not sit still for a proper dental cleaning like we do!. For this reason, anesthesia is needed to perform a thorough dental exam and assessment, dental x-rays, and a proper cleaning of the teeth and areas below the gumline. 

Anesthesia-free Pet Dental Cleaning

Beware of services that advertise “anesthesia-free” dental cleanings. This is an attempt to clean the teeth without having the patient properly sedated. While this sounds tempting, this approach is not only more stressful to your pet, but it also does not provide cleaning of the areas where the real problems lie—below the gumline. You’ll only end up with a false sense of security when the teeth above the gumline look better but disease is continuing to develop below the gumline.  

Read more information on regular care of your pet’s teeth, including guidance on training your pet to allow tooth brushing, written by a board-certified veterinary dental specialist: Dental Care for Pets 

You can also read more information about proper dental treatments and avoiding “anesthesia-free” cleanings on the American Veterinary Dental College website.  

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