This easy, no-sew bandana is ready in minutes and comfortably slips over your pet’s collar! Choose a festive Valentine’s pattern or add embellishments to dress-up your furry friend for the holiday.   


  1. A bandana, or piece of cloth. It should be wide enough to cover most of your pet’s collar.  
  2. For a new-sew bandana, you’ll need a glue gun or fabric glue. You can sew the bandana, though, if you prefer. 
  3. A ruler
  4. Your pet’s collar
  5. An iron and ironing board are recommended, but not required.  


  1. If you aren’t using a pre-cut bandana, or if the bandana is too big for your pet’s collar, cut the cloth in a square, so that the opposite corners are about the same length as your dog’s collar.  
  1. Fold 2 opposite corners of the bandana about 1 inch in. We recommend ironing the crease so the corner lays crisp and flat. Glue the corners down.  
  1. Fold the bandana perfectly in half so that the corners match up. It’s a good idea to iron it so it will lay perfectly flat along the fold.  
  1. Open the bandana with the inside facing up. Measure the width of your pet’s collar. Then, add half an inch to that number. With a pencil, mark that measurement in a straight line on one side of the center crease. 
  1. Use the line as a guide for your glue.  
  1. Carefully fold over the other side of the bandana, align the edges, and then press the glue into the other side of the bandana. If you like, you can add embellishments while the glue dries for an extra festive bandana.  

When dried, slip over your pet’s collar to dress them up for the holiday! Remember that the bandana’s worn just for fun, so remove when your pet isn’t attended. 

Essential Tip: These bandanas won’t only look cute on your own pet, but are a great, inexpensive Valentine’s gift for pet lovers. You can also show a pet parent and their beloved pet how much you care with an EPC E-Gift Card this Valentine’s Day!