Everyone knows that kittens are FUN, but did you know these facts about growing kittens? Test your knowledge with these fun kitten facts we compiled below. 

Kittens Learn the Most Between Birth and 12 Weeks Old 

Kittens are most impressionable and learn the ropes of cat life, such as grooming, eating, and using a litterbox, from their mothers between birth to about 12 weeks old. This is also a critical time to socialize kittens, so if you have a young kitten at home, make sure to spend extra cuddle and playtime during this stage. 

Newborn Kittens Have Blue Eyes 

Much like many human babies, kittens are often born with blue-grey eyes that change color as they grow up. Of course, some cats keep their blue eyes into adulthood too.  

Kitten Super-Senses 

Speaking of eyes, kittens are born with their eyes closed, and even when they open, they still can’t see well for some time. However, they can still make their way in the world with their superior senses of smell, hearing, and the help of their whiskers.  

Just 4 weeks after birth, kittens fully develop their senses of smell and hearing. While the average human can hear about 20,000 hertz, a kitten with fully developed hearing can hear 65,000 hertz. Cats are also equipped with a vomeronasal organ in the roof of their mouths, which can detect pheromones that make it easier to find their mothers while they still don’t see very well.  

Kittens’ vision catches up and finishes developing at about 5 weeks old. While cats can’t see as much color as humans, they are adapted to nocturnal hunting and can see movement and depth at 6 times dimmer lighting than people can. 

Dog Days? More Like Kitten Days! 

Cats can have litters at any time of the year, but many kittens are born during “kitten season,” between spring and early summer. Many shelters receive an influx of new stray kittens at this time of the year, so if you are thinking about getting a new furry friend, there are plenty of kittens in need of forever homes! 

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