Show a pet mom you care in the month of Mother’s Day with easy and affordable home-made gifts that she and her pet will love! 

DIY Facemask 

Create a pet-themed facemask with this tutorial and free embellishment templates! 

Pet Toys 

Tee-Shirt to Rope Toy  

These rope toys take minutes to make from an old tee shirt! Throw in a tennis ball for extra fun.  

Monkey’s First Rope Toy Tutorial  

Create an impressive monkey’s fist rope toy following this easy step-by-step tutorial.  

Tee-Shirt Cat Tent  

This cat tent needs only an old tee-shirt and a box – no craft store run required!   

DIY Feather Wand  

If you’re looking for a more involved project to enjoy on a rainy afternoon, here’s a cat toy you can craft as good as the pros.   

 Cat Scratching Posts 

Scratching posts are great for cat households. They can even save furniture!

Pet Accessories 

Bow Tie 

Make an easy, no-sew pet bow tie with fabric scraps around the house.   


This modified bandana comfortably slips over collars.  

Pet Beds 

Test your hand at a comfy DIY pet bed. We compiled 4 unique designs here

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