Show your pet how much you love them with a special treat this holiday season. Here are amazing ideas to find toys and treats to delight your pet as well as practical tools for pet care that won’t break the bank.  

A New Toy 

A new toy will brighten your pet’s day. Rubber chew toys are a favorite and inexpensive option for dogs, and an interactive cat toy like this will satisfy feline friend’s chasing instinct.  

While no toy is guaranteed to be safe and pets should be supervised during play, here is the Humane Society’s advice for finding safe toys.  

At-home Care Necessities 

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an increased need to care for pets at home, so new grooming tools may be just what you need to keep your pet in top shape under quarantine. Some tools you may consider adding to your grooming arsenal may include: 

  • pet toothbrush – Did you know that pets should have their teeth brushed daily, just like us? Consider making it a new year’s resolution to make a daily habit of brushing your pet’s teeth. Here’s how to brush your pet’s teeth at home.  
  • Nail clippers – This is a gift your pet is sure to appreciate in the long run. Keeping pet nails at a comfortable length will help your pet feel their best and save them plenty of trips to the groomer. Here’s how to clip your pet’s nails at home.  
  • Brushes & combs – A simple brush can help keep pesky mats at bay. We compiled the recommended brushes and tools to prevent and treat mats at home in this post


A new bag of treats always makes a splash with pets! Just like your pet’s daily diet, look for treats that come from a reputable manufacturer with food crafted by veterinary nutritionists. Here are our veterinarian recommendations to find the right pet food.  

Essential Tip: If your pet has a sensitive stomach or skin allergies, visit Essentials PetCare to see if hypoallergenic veterinary treats are a safe choice for a stocking stuffer this year. 

The team at Essentials PetCare wishes you and your furry friends a happy and safe holiday season!