Halloween is coming up, but it doesn’t have to be the scariest night for your pets.  You can have a fun and safe Halloween and enjoy the time with your best friend by following our tips:

  1. If you dress your pet in a costume, try it on in advance and make sure it has a comfortable fit and is safe for mobility. If you don’t want to go all out with a full costume, there are plenty of ways you can dress your pet up without getting too crazy. Bowties, bandanas, and even Halloween themed collars are always a great choice! 
  2. Nothing tastes better than candy for us – and our pets – so make sure to keep all treats out of your pets’ reach. Some treats that are dangerous for pets  include candy that contains chocolate, macadamia nuts, and sugar free candy that contains xylitol sweetener.
  3. Never use any candles near pets, including candles in pumpkins, because they can easily tip over and start a fire.
  4. Make sure your pet is microchipped, because many pets get lost on Halloween when they bolt out the door during trick or treating.

Looking for more tips for your feline friends? Listen in as our very own Dr. Jill Lopez discusses how to keep cats safe from common Halloween Hazards on the Nine Lives with Dr. Kat podcast.