Although it may seem purely cosmetic, or furniture-saving,, did you know that clipping your dog’s nails is actually a health concern

Dogs put a lot of wear and tear on their precious paws, and nail neglect can lead to health problems in the feet and legs over time. In fact, short, trim nails are vital to your dog’s foot and leg health. 


The Importance of Dog Nail Trimming

Long nails reduce traction and put pressure on your dog’s feet and legs. This pressure can cause splayed, deformed paws and even tendon injuries as your dog’s nails continue to grow. 

Luckily, routine nail trimming can help the quick in a dog’s nails to recede, which makes for more comfortable clipping over time and prevents foot problems

Now, clipping your dog’s nails may seem like a daunting task, but your canine will thank you in the long run − or at least they would if they could! 

Should I Trim My Pet’s Nails at Home?

Once you hear the “click” of your dog’s toenails touching the ground when they walk, it’s a sign they’re ready for nail trimming. This could be every 1-2 weeks or every 1-2 months. Each dog is unique, and some may need routine trims more frequently than others. 

If your dog requires frequent nail trimming, you may be considering clipping their nails at home

With a little practice and a lot of care, this is definitely possible! Make sure you look over some tutorials, get the right equipment, and have some treats handy to placate your pooch. 

However, there are times when it’s best to have your dog seen by a professional, and your local Essentials PetCare has you covered. Routine dog nail trimming with us is quick and easy − and offered as an add-on service for only $20

Help! My Dog’s Nails Are Really Long!

It happens to so many dog owners: you suddenly realize it’s been months and your dog’s nails could rival the claws of any wild animal. Before you panic and bust out the clippers, remember that overgrown nails are best handled by a professional

At Essentials PetCare, our technicians handle long dog nails regularly, and are experts at trimming them in a way that minimizes discomfort for your dog. Extra-long nails mean extra-long quicks (the pink section of the nail that is prone to bleeding), and our seasoned techs can treat them swiftly and safely.

Just Add It On

Essentials PetCare makes dog nail trimming affordable, quick, and easy. 

You can add on a nail trim to any other service at Essential PetCare. So if you come in for shots or other care, simply add it on. Or pair it with an anal gland expression if your dog is healthy and up to date on their shots.

Essential Tip: Do your dog’s feet a favor − get their nails trimmed next time you stop in at one of our clinics. 


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