Valentine’s Day is usually associated with showering your human with gifts and affection – but that isn’t the only way to celebrate this holiday! Why not show your pooch some love?

For many of us, our pets are a source of joy and unconditional love. They are always happy to see us after a long day or cuddle up with us when we’re feeling blue. So take the plunge and say it: “My dog is my Valentine!”

Below, we’ve created a list of six ways to make them feel special — on Valentine’s Day, and every day.

1. Offer Them a Treat Made with Love!

Everyone loves partaking in treats on Valentine’s Day – even your pup! While it isn’t safe to share your box of chocolates or conversational hearts with Fido, you can offer them a healthy dog treat on February 14th.

Essentials PetCare clients can order healthy treats and more with FREE home delivery! If your pet has a sensitive stomach, our doctor may recommend a gentle prescription treat that your pet can enjoy.

2. Take Them on a Doggy-Date to Your Favorite Cafe


What better way to say “my dog is my Valentine” than taking them out on a fancy doggy date? Many restaurants and cafes offer dog-friendly patios so you and your pup can share a fun time together out on the town!

Since February means frosty temps in much of the US, consider calling ahead to see if places have heated patios or dog-friendly seating inside. Remember to be discerning of dog-friendly menus, and make sure that what you feed your pooch is safe.


3. Get Outside Together!

Perhaps the easiest and healthiest way to spend Valentine’s Day with your dog is to get outside for a long walk or a visit to your local dog park. Your pup will be grateful for the fresh air and exercise – and you’ll be able to justify enjoying some extra Valentine’s chocolates!

Consider a new trail or hike you haven’t explored before. Or phone a friend with a pup to join you for a doggy double date.


4. Cuddle Up on the Couch with a Dog-themed Movie

For many people, one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to cuddle up on the couch and watch a romantic movie. This year, invite your pup to join you – and pop on a dog-themed movie instead!

Bring out the popcorn for you and treats for Fido, pile up the blankets and pillows, and settle in for one of the many great dog movies out there. Like Marley and Me, Turner and Hooch, or Lassie. Your dog will love seeing other dogs on-screen. And, more importantly, spending time with you!

5. Plan a Special Day Trip

If you have a full day to spend with your furry best friend, consider planning a special day trip to a dog-friendly locale like a national park. Some parks are better suited than others for dogs, with ample trails and resources for pets, so be sure to do your research before jumping into the car.

Bring a leash, food, water, doggy waste bags, and a camera for all the memorable photo ops! You could even pack a picnic for you and the pup to make the day together extra-special.


6. Share Your Love on Social Media

Want to share your love for your sweet pup far and wide? Nothing says “My Dog is My Valentine” like a tribute to them on your favorite social media outlet. Share a sweet love-themed photo of them, or create a collage on Instagram or Facebook of your favorite pics of them over the years. Don’t forget to share them with us @EssentialsPetCare on Facebook and Instagram and @EssentailsPet on Twitter!

That way, other people can wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day too!

And remember, the greatest gift you can give your pet is health! Make sure your pet’s preventative care is current. Essentials PetCare clinics, located at select Walmart stores, offer high-quality care at affordable prices. 

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