Get Your Pet Ready For Boarding

If you’re traveling this holiday season and plan on boarding your pet, now’s the time to make sure your pet is ready for their kennel stay. Be sure to ask if the Canine Influenza Vaccine is required – we highly recommend this vaccine for any dogs over 8 weeks old who are boarding!

Essential PetCare makes it easy to get your pet up to date so that with exception of those goodbye cuddles, there are no delays at drop-off time. Walk in today and take advantage of one of our affordable vaccine bundles. The best value is our Full Canine or Feline Packages, which include a Rabies vaccine as well as other core inoculations—they’re priced at just $65 for dogs, and $62 for cats. We also have several other vaccine options available so it’s easy to find the right package for your pet and budget.

With the purchase of any vaccine package, you can also get a fecal/intestinal parasite test for your pet for just $20.

Click here for more information on our vaccine packages.