If you’re thinking of expanding your veterinary practice, congratulations! This is a tough business to succeed in, so you must be doing something right.

Before you dive into opening a completely new clinic from scratch, though, take a beat to explore what options are out there. One way to minimize the risk of a second practice is to purchase a retail veterinary franchise such as an Essentials PetCare clinic.

What are the benefits of making this move?

You Get a Turnkey Business

When you own an Essentials PetCare satellite clinic, you’re getting a retail veterinary clinic with established protocols and procedures. We make opening your new satellite clinic EPC-easy! We take care of everything from building the clinic to training your team, freeing you to focus on your primary hospital, patients, and clients. Our business model has been proven across numerous test clinics in Florida, Georgia, and Texas, so you can rely on the best practices we learned.

A Retail Clinic Expands Your Reach

There are two key reasons Essentials PetCare clinics are housed inside a Walmart: convenience and exposure. Together, those two things do wonders to expand the reach of a veterinary practice, especially to underserved pet families.

Why? Let’s break it down. Having a veterinary clinic in a retail store like Walmart means that more people are bound to see it, enjoy the convenience, and identify with our affordable services. What busy pet-parent wouldn’t want to pop in for a quick veterinary visit, where they are already accustomed to shopping on a weekly or biweekly basis

Then, when any of your clinic patients need a higher level of care that your Essentials PetCare satellite clinic does not provide, you get to refer them back to your primary hospital. This is the power of convenience and exposure helping both of your practices.

Increase Your Profits by Increasing Efficiency for Everyone

When your main hospital is busy handling wellness procedures such as vaccinations, general preventative care, and minor illness treatment, you know your hospital resources are underutilized. The good news is that you actually have the opportunity to open a satellite clinic for preventive and minor illness care to make your primary hospital as profitable as possible. Because your Essentials PetCare satellite clinic cannot offer the same kind of complex care that your full-service hospital can, you create a pipeline of clients back and forth between facilities, growing your client-base, while keeping overhead costs at your satellite clinic as low as possible, improving your financial performance overall. This is why owning both types of facilities works so well.

Efficiency helps your patients too. They will receive care faster and pet parents are likely to have shorter wait times to book visits. Your patients will also enjoy better care, because each facility will be able to focus on what it does best.

Reduce Turnover Related to Burnout

Another positive of having a retail veterinary wellness clinic? You can rotate staff members between facilities. That way, no one is stuck only dealing with the harder – and often more depressing – cases that come into full-service animal hospitals.

Days spent vaccinating pets and treating minor ailments at your Essentials PetCare clinic will serve as a “break” from the travails of your primary hospitals: chronic conditions, serious diseases, and surgeries. Promoting life-work balance will improve morale and likely reduce your overall turnover rate.

When you add it all up, investing in a veterinary satellite clinic rather than opening another full-service location just makes sense. There’s lower risk, less set-up work, and a higher chance of sustained growth and success. See how fast and easy it is to open an Essentials PetCare Satellite clinic.

Essential Tip: You can learn more about the specifics of owning your own Essentials PetCare satellite clinic by clicking on the link below and scheduling a call. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.