No one wants ​to be infected with intestinal parasites from their pets, ​especially during a pandemic ​when many owners are quarantining at home and spending all day and night with their pets. ​During these uncertain times it’s especially important to make sure your pet – and your human family – are safe.

​Some of the most common intestinal parasites are zoonotic, which means they can be passed from pets to their human families, and the most vulnerable – ​young children, the elderly and others who have weaker immune systems – ​may be at the highest risk of experiencing dangerous health effects.

Intestinal parasite infestations can cause GI upset issues, weight loss, and malnutrition in pets; however, infested pets may not show any symptoms or visible worms in their stool. In fact, some intestinal parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye at all.

Pets can contract intestinal parasites by walking in contaminated soil or using a contaminated litter box (or licking their paws afterward), being exposed to infested animals, and ingesting fleas while grooming themselves or other pets.

Pets are at higher risk of contracting parasites and exposing their families to them if they are not regularly tested for intestinal parasites, if they are not taking consistent flea prevention, ​and if they are not consistently using a heartworm preventative that kills intestinal parasites.

Since many pets may not show any signs of an intestinal parasite infestation, it’s important to have them tested regularly. Intestinal parasite tests let us know which parasites a pet may have so we can develop the appropriate treatment plan to effectively kill the parasites. 

At Essentials PetCare, our intestinal parasite tests are especially effective because we send our samples to a reference lab that detects infestations ​that other standard tests may miss.

Essential Tip: The comprehensive intestinal parasite test we run is $45, or $35 when added-on to a minor illness package or if it is a recheck.

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