Protect Your Pets From Heartworm

Heartworm is a nasty disease that mosquitoes transmit from pet to pet. As the name suggests, heartworms live in the hearts of dogs and cats, and they can also thrive in the lungs and blood vessels. Because they constrict blood flow, they can damage internal organs and cause lung disease and heart failure.

Administering a monthly oral or topical heartworm preventative medication year-round is your pet’s best defense against heartworms. At Essentials PetCare, we recommend re-testing in six months due to the nature of this disease—heartworms must be approximately six months old before an infection can be detected and diagnosed.

Prevention is much easier—and cheaper—than treatment! Do not take the dangers of heartworm lightly. If your pet has missed a month of heartworm prevention, contact us today to get them up-to-date!

If you’d like to learn more about this disease and how you can prevent it, please contact us.