Protect Your Pets from Pests | Essentials PetCare

You know who else loves Florida? Fleas and ticks! The warmer it gets, the more active these pests are, triggering skin reactions, hot spots, and itchy ears. One tick bite could infect your dog or cat with numerous dangerous diseases.

Preventive medications are the best way to keep fleas and ticks away from your animal friends, but even with prevention, many pets are allergic to even one flea bite.

Essentials PetCare makes treating these problems easier with our Skin and Ear Packages, starting at just $50! Both packages include a doctor’s exam, in-house diagnostic testing, treatment recommendations and a prescription for medication if necessary. Combine one of these packages with another minor illness or vaccination package and save even more!

Click here for more information on our skin and ear packages, or drop in for vaccinations seven days a week inside Walmart.

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