Share Your Lucky Pet's Story

We understand how much a rescued pet can mean to a family. In fact, our company was founded through the inspiration of a rescued dog named “Annie”. Founders Douglas Spiker, DVM, and Christine Battista, MS, discovered Annie as an abandoned and seriously ill puppy in a park in New Port Richey, FL. Annie inspired Dr. Spiker and Ms. Battista to create Essentials PetCare, a veterinary clinic that would provide affordable and quality veterinary care to expand veterinary services to a greater number of U.S. pet-loving families who may otherwise not seek basic and preventative care because of cost.

But Annie is just one of millions of rescued pets. According to the ASPCA, Americans adopt about 3.2 million shelter animals (1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats) every year. Each of those pets has a story to tell, just like Annie, and those stories need to be told. That is why Essentials PetCare is launching the Lucky Pet initiative on March 1st and encourages pet owners to share their “Lucky Pets” and tell their rescue stories.

To participate, you can post a photo of your “Lucky Pet” on Facebook, include the hashtag #LuckyPet, and tag @EssentialsPetCare with your pet’s story.  

During the month of March, there will also be a “Lucky Pet” selfie station in our clinic’s lobby, which is located on the west side of the Port Richey Walmart. Stop by our clinic with your lucky pet to make fun and shareable photos with St. Patrick’s Day props to help us spread word about the many benefits of pet adoption.

“We hope that featuring these ‘Lucky Pets’ will also inspire others to rescue their own lucky pet,” says Battista, “Pasco County shelters and rescues have many pets in need of forever homes.”

Follow us on Facebook @EssentialsPetCare to meet lucky pets and share your own lucky pet’s rescue story.

Reference: ASPCA Pet Statistics