We’re all for expanding your furry family, especially since so many pets are in need of a loving home where they can receive the care they deserve!

Over the holidays, we shared a news article with tips for gifting (and getting) new pets, and as a follow-up, we’re sharing a quick rundown of ideas to give your new puppy or kitten a strong start to their lives with your family.

Happy Parenting

Although it’s been scientifically proven that pets can help reduce stress, there are cases (especially in the beginning stages) where pets can add stress to your life. If you’re dealing with potty training, crying at night, or learning how your new puppy has a habit of chewing your favorite shoes, remember you aren’t alone. And puppy/kitten stages don’t last forever.

Take time to relax and enjoy the positives of your pet! Pet owners live longer lives on average, after all. Let’s revel in that fact, and give them all the love they deserve in return.

Preventive Vaccinations

One of the core aspects of our mission at Essentials PetCare is to keep pets protected against potentially fatal diseases. Some vaccinations are mandatory by state, or required in places such as daycares, boarding kennels, storm evacuation shelters, and other pet-friendly venues. Even those not mandated can be essential to ensuring your pet lives a longer and healthier life. 

Parasites like heartworms can also be fatal, difficult to treat, and costly if your dog becomes infected. Intestinal parasites, which are very common in puppies and kittens, can harm your pet and even spread to you and your family if untreated. 

Healthy Habits 

Schedules can be your best friend, after your little fur buddy of course. Whether it’s training practice, morning runs or diet plans for your pet, keeping things consistent at the start can make it much easier to remember things like annual wellness exams or regular vaccinations for years to come. 

To help with that healthy start, we’ve put together Best Start Packages for both puppies and kittens. These packages include everything your new pet needs to be the healthiest they can.

Your pet will get at least three visits, which all include a doctor’s exam. Along with the exams, they’ll receive a complete vaccination series, two intestinal parasite tests, deworming and preventive prescriptions, plus other services like microchipping and nail trims.

With a Best Start Package you’ll pay at the first visit, and save $75 off of paying for the services separately. Use that savings for a new pair of favorite shoes, if needed.

Prices subject to change. See current prices: https://essentialspetcare.com/services.