Annual wellness screenings are highly recommended for all pets seven years of age or older, or for pets experiencing health issues. Essentials PetCare offers affordable Wellness Screening Packages that enable us to catch disease and illness before they become serious—and more expensive to treat.

Our new Wellness Screen includes comprehensive bloodwork and urinalysis for just $80. Get a Wellness Screen + Thyroid Panel for only $90. Purchase either in conjunction with any other vaccine or illness package and you’ll save an additional $10 off our already low prices!

Worried about lumps or bumps on your pet? We offer cytology testing so you can find out if that bump is something to be concerned about, and if your pet should seek treatment for it.

If your pet needs an exam or lab work, please drop in to see us at Essentials PetCare, open seven days a week inside the Port Richey Walmart.