We’re proud to announce that all Essentials PetCare clinics are now Get Your Pet meet-up locations! Pet parents who want a safe option to rehome their pets or those who want to adopt a pet in need may now visit any of our clinics – located at select Walmart stores – for safe, convenient meet-up spots.

“We are proud to partner with Get Your Pet and are excited to support their adoption community network by providing safe, reliable and convenient locations for the adoption process to take place,” said Dr. Jill Lopez, the director of marketing and strategic partnerships at Essentials PetCare. “We strongly believe our new partnership with Get Your Pet will help more pets find their forever homes.”

If you want to make sure your pet is rehomed to a loving new family or are looking to adopt a pet in need of a new home, learn more about the Get Your Pet process and plan to meet up at an Essentials PetCare location near you.