Pet owners stopping by their neighborhood Essentials PetCare walk-in clinic can get their pets vaccinated without an appointment while helping contribute supplies to organizations fighting the global spread of rabies

DALLAS –  Saturday (Sept. 28) is World Rabies Day and Essentials PetCare, a walk-in veterinary clinic for preventative and minor illness care, wants to remind pet owners about the importance of having their pets vaccinated against rabies, a deadly disease that kills approximately 60,000 people – especially children – each year around the globe, mostly in Africa and India.  

In accordance with the international rabies awareness campaign, veterinary experts at Essentials PetCare are encouraging pet owners to check their pets’ medical records to verify all necessary rabies vaccinations are up to date.  Although rabies is considered to be under control in the U.S., positive cases in wildlife are still reported frequently across the nation, including a recently reported bat in Florida, fox in Texas, and raccoon in Georgia. 

Those interested in getting their pets vaccinated at an Essentials PetCare clinic can do so without an appointment while also enjoying a significant cost savings. Additionally, with each rabies vaccination performed at Essentials PetCare clinics, Merck Animal Health will donate one vaccine to a charitable organization fighting the global spread of rabies, such as Mission Rabies, AFYA, and Rabies Free Africa.

“Rabies is a disease that is one hundred percent fatal but also one hundred percent preventable through vaccination,” said Douglas Spiker, DVM, veterinarian, co-founder and president of Essentials PetCare. “Pet owners can do their part by ensuring that all their pets are vaccinated. If your pet has not received the rabies vaccination yet, simply visit one of our convenient local walk-in clinics, with the added bonus that your visit will help support global initiatives to eliminate rabies by 2030.”

Essentials PetCare currently operates six clinics, with one in Port Richey, Florida, one in Dallas, Georgia and four in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. 

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