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We know that the costs of pet ownership can add up. That’s why we offer different tiers of care packages for your pup. You can select the package that best suits your pet’s lifestyle and your budget. 

Vaccines form the bulk of our packages. They serve a powerful preventative purpose by introducing just enough viral or bacterial bits to your dog’s system to promote immunity. Most vaccines need to be administered in several rounds.

Stressed about paying for all the vaccines at once? As we like to say, some protection is better than none. It makes a big difference for the lifelong health of your dog. Scroll below to see all of our packages, and decide what’s right for you and your pet.

Essential Package

The Essential Package ($90) covers the core vaccines that are recommended for all dogs on a regular basis, plus a heartworm test and veterinary exam. This protects your dog from the deadliest diseases. Many of these illnesses are very contagious, and some have no cure

Here is a breakdown of the protection that the Essentials Package offers:

  • Rabies – administer the initial shot when your pet is 16-18 weeks old, then 12 months after that, then every 1-3 years. Rabies is an incurable disease contracted through the bite of an infected animal. This vaccine is mandated in most states. It should not be skipped.
  • Distemper/Parvo Vaccine – administer the initial shot when your pet is 8 weeks old, then another at 12 weeks, and the final booster in the puppy series at 16 weeks. Your pet should receive a booster 12 months after that, then every 1-3 years. These two highly contagious viral diseases can cause long-lasting symptoms or even death. Neither can be cured, and treatments are limited.
  • Bordetella – administer the initial shot when your pet is 16 weeks old, then once every  year. Bordetella is a bacterial infection that causes kennel cough. This vaccine is imperative if you plan to board your dog, and recommended for all dogs due to how contagious the disease is.
  • Leptospirosis – administer the initial shot when your pet is 12 weeks old, another at 16 weeks, and then a booster every year after that. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that is treatable by antibiotics, but it can be difficult to detect until more severe symptoms appear, including kidney failure. It’s recommended for all dogs. They are susceptible to contracting this disease by going outside. The disease is also zoonotic, meaning that it can pass from pets to people.
  • Heartworm Test – This deadly parasitic illness is prevented through regular medication. It’s recommended that you have your dog tested for heartworm disease every 6-12 months, depending upon their heartworm history. With each negative test, we’ll generate a prescription to use at your preferred pharmacy.

Protector Package

The Protector Package ($110) includes all treatments in the Essentials Package, plus an internal parasite test. Adult pets should receive one at least annually. The comprehensive test we run has the ability to catch parasitic infections that other fecal tests may not. Some of these parasites are transmissible to people, so it is especially important to test regularly. 

Guardian Package

The Guardian Package ($160) contains the same services in the Protector Package plus the heartworm and internal parasite tests plus basic blood work. This can help save trips to the vet if any results indicate issues that need to be addressed.

Guardian Complete

The Guardian Complete Package ($180) provides your dog with our most comprehensive care and testing. This includes the above vaccines, a heartworm test, an internal parasite test, comprehensive blood work, and a urine test, with optional thyroid lab work for an additional $20. We recommend this package for senior dogs, as it can give you a fuller picture of their health status, but it’s a great option for all dogs.

Additional Vaccines

We also offer some stand-alone vaccines and other services to address specific needs and budgets. 

Dog Flu Starter Package (2 doses – $100): If you plan to board your dog, protect them from the common spread of canine influenza. You can also obtain a single dog flu booster for $55.

The rest of our core vaccines are $40 and include a veterinary exam. We are also able to administer the Bordetella vaccine without examination or prescription for $30.

*Prices subject to change. See current prices:

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