In the spirit of St. Patty’s Day, we’re celebrating the lucky pets who enjoy a new “leash” on life with our team of pet lovers.  

Click the photos below to meet our team’s pets and see their rescue stories. 

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“Diesel (left) and Rosie (right) are a bonded pair out of my 4 rescues. Diesel was dumped in the middle of no where after being a bait dog. He’s named Diesel because one day I went to the gas station to fill up after work, and he was there, sick and sad. I called to him, he hopped in my car, and the rest is history.

Rosie was brought into the shelter I was working at with other small dogs. They were from a raided puppy mill, and Rosie was a momma who much deserved a second start.”

– Taylor, EPC HQ

Diesel & Rosie

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“Lucy was found on the streets shortly after Hurricane Michael at 3 months old. The family that found her already had several pets, and all the shelters were full of animals taken in from the hurricane, so the family was desperately looking for a home for her. I had lost my last cat a few months prior and decided to adopt the kitten I later named Lucy. She sometimes acts more like a dog than a cat, loves people, and is extremely sweet. I’ve had her three years now, and she has brought an abundance of joy, love, and laughter into my life.”

– Catherine, EPC HQ


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“Buddy was adopted from The Humane Society. He is my love and the funniest dog ever. At 50 lbs., he thinks he’s a lap dog!” 

-Amanda O., Port Richey, FL, Clinic 


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“Ms. Bianca was surrendered to the SPCA of Texas when I was working there back in 2013. She was 5 years old when she was surrendered by her original owners due to having Pyometra. The SPCA spayed her and treated the infection, and that is when I fell in love with her. I ended up bringing her home once she was healthy, and she was with us for 6 years before passing away due to age. She was a stubborn but very sweet girl.” 

-Katie, EPC HQ 


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“This is Penelope or Penny for short! She is an English Cream, and we have had her for 3 years. Penny was brought into our lives from a rescue group in Florida. Penny was being used for breeding, and one of her puppies had premature cataracts. After that, her breeders saw no use in her anymore. 

Thankfully, that’s when she came into our lives! Penny is the sweetest, silliest, and best pupper a girl could ask for! We love her so, so much!” 

-Sarah, Orlando, FL, Clinic 


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“My blue-heeler mix Scooter (right) and chaweenie Maci (left) both were the runts that no one wanted. Scooter is deathly afraid of the neighbors’ cat while fearless Maci acts like she is a 100-pound dog (she weighs only 10 lbs!). I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

-Amanda H., Port Richey, FL, Clinic 

Scooter & Maci

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Maximums II (left) & Mel (right), arguably the cutest members of the Lugo pack, joined the family respectively from a county shelter and as a foster fail.

– Rose, EPC HQ

Maximus II & Mel

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“Dante is my own personal mini panther. I found him 2 years ago inside a box along with his brother, right by the gate of the last clinic I used to work for. We fostered these 2 kittens for months and fell in love with them. His brother was adopted first. After that, I took Dante to his forever home – my home. This little guy loves treats, naps and cuddles.” 

– Bernice, Orlando, FL, Clinic


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On September 6, 2016, Rosie was the very first patient we helped at our first Essentials PetCare clinic in Port Richey, FL. Fate broke our hearts when this puppy was abandoned the day before we opened our clinic doors. She suffered from severe demodectic mange and had very little hair, so our clinic team named her by the color of her bright pink skin. Rosie was fortunate to recover quickly, and to our surprise, blossomed from a hairless puppy into a beautiful long-haired Chihuahua.

Read Rosie’s full story. 


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Our founders discovered Annie in the woods at a Florida park. She was starving and had severe demodectic mange, like Rosie. There were 3 scrapes on her body, which was indicative of a common skin test. It appeared that someone had taken her to a veterinarian, but it was likely too expensive to treat her skin at that stage. 

After a year-long road to recovery, Annie is a happy, healthy dog, and she inspired our mission to provide affordable, accessible high-quality veterinary care.  

Read Annie’s full story. 

Annie, The Dog Who Started It All!

Essential Tip: Annie not only inspired us to create the Essentials PetCare model – she also inspired us to support pet rescues. If you recently adopted a rescue pet, we want to thank you with a free exam through our Annie’s Army program!