TAMPA, Fla. – Essentials PetCare and Get Your Pet, a national peer-to-peer pet adoption website, announced on Wednesday a new partnership to provide enhanced access to safe public meet-up points for individuals looking to re-home or adopt a pet. 

Beginning immediately, all Essentials PetCare locations, including three in Texas and one in Florida, have been designated as official community meet-up locations for the Get Your Pet adoption process. An additional six locations are expected to be announced in the coming months as Essentials PetCare continues to open new clinics across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The clinics, which are conveniently located in select Walmart stores, provide a perfect venue for the Get Your Pet meet ups as well as being a great place to access routine and preventative veterinary care for pets. 

“We are proud to partner with Get Your Pet and are excited to support their adoption network by providing safe, reliable and convenient locations for the adoption process to take place,” said Dr. Jill Lopez, director of marketing and strategic partnerships at Essentials PetCare. “We strongly believe our new partnership with Get Your Pet will help more pets find their forever homes.” 

Get Your Pet is an online community where people who need to give up their pet can directly connect with people who want to adopt a pet like theirs, making it a simpler, smarter and more humane approach to pet adoption.

“Our new partnership with Essentials PetCare is invaluable because it strengthens our ability to connect pet guardians to those looking to adopt in a safe and convenient environment,” said Angela Marcus, founder of Get Your Pet and a life-long animal welfare advocate. “We believe that this partnership has the ability to greatly increase the flow of adoptions in our community, while having the added value of reliable veterinary care on-hand from the beginning of the adoption process.” 

Essentials PetCare offers pet parents an array of veterinary services for both cats and dogs on a walk-in basis, without the need to schedule an appointment. On-site pet care services include routine vaccinations, labwork and minor illness exams. Patients with more serious ailments, like chronic illness, or those in need of emergency care, surgical and specialty procedures, are referred to full-service and specialty veterinary hospitals in the surrounding community.

About Essentials PetCare

Established in 2015, Essentials PetCare, LLC is a purpose-driven organization that provides easy access to affordable, high quality preventative and minor illness care for dogs and cats. The company’s mission is to expand veterinary services to more pet-owning families who would otherwise not seek care because of cost. Essentials PetCare believes that no animal should ever suffer or put its family at risk of contracting diseases due to affordability. In addition to caring for pets, the company is focused on the wellbeing of its employees by promoting work-life harmony, including flexible scheduling, comprehensive benefits, and employee stock options. For more information about Essentials PetCare, visit EssentialsPetCare.com, @EssentialsPetCare on Facebook, and @EssentialsPet on Twitter.

About Get Your Pet

GetYourPet.com is an online community where people who have to give up a pet directly connect with people who want to adopt a pet like theirs, making it a simpler, smarter and more humane approach to pet adoption. The site works like a dating website, where Guardians and Adopters in the home-to-home pet adoption process are in charge.  Founder Angela Marcus, a life-long animal welfare advocate and former presenter on Animal Planet, created Get Your Pet as a solution to the heartbreaking problem of too many pets in need of new homes and too little space in shelters to keep them all. Get Your Pet is available across the U.S. A portion of the profits from Get Your Pet will go to benefit local animal shelters.

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