DALLAS – Doctors from Essentials PetCare, a walk-in veterinary clinic with locations at Walmart stores in Texas and Florida, are warning pet owners to be aware of common dangers ahead of Independence Day. 

Aspects of traditional 4th of July celebrations, like fireworks, barbeques, family gatherings and common summer heat, can all prove dangerous for pets. 

“During holiday gatherings and activities, pets can be exposed to many external conditions that cause them to become anxious or even injured,” said Dr. Monica Fann, veterinarian and clinic manager at the company’s Kaufman, Texas, location. “Common pet problems during Independence Day celebrations range from getting lost, to firework anxiety and even to heat exhaustion.”

Doctors from Essentials PetCare recommend the following tips to help keep pets safe this Independence Day: 

  • Some pets become very upset when they hear fireworks. If your pet tends to have anxiety or is frightened by loud noises, make sure they are kenneled or in a safe place during the evening fireworks. Essentials PetCare offers more tips for firework safety on its blog.
  • Always make sure your pet is wearing identification and is microchipped. Microchipping pets is required by law in some states, including Texas. Microchip implants and information updates for existing microchips can easily be done at any Essentials PetCare location. 
  • Keep trash covered and out of reach from prying paws. This is a common cause of stomach upset for dogs. Essentials PetCare offers additional information on how to keep pets out of the trash and what to do if they’ve ingested any. 
  • To help prevent pets from experiencing heat exhaustion, keep them in an air-conditioned area and limit strenuous activities when outdoors. Always make sure your pet has access to plenty of fresh water, and check out more tips to keep pets safe in the heat

Each Essentials PetCare location provides routine vaccinations, labwork, and treatment for minor illnesses, including ear infections, common skin conditions and urinary issues. Pet owners can obtain affordable, high quality care with the convenience of walk-in visits, even on weekends and evenings. Clients can also save time by checking-in online prior to visiting.  

Essentials PetCare walk-in clinics compliment full-service veterinary hospitals by introducing veterinary care to a large segment of the U.S. pet owning market, which has traditionally not pursued veterinary services because of cost. The company’s veterinarians routinely educate clients on the benefits of full-service veterinary care and make regular referrals for needs beyond the clinics’ scope of services. 

In 2016, Essentials PetCare launched the first retail veterinary clinic located within a Walmart store in the nation, at Walmart in Port Richey, Florida. The company opened clinics in Kaufman, Royse City and Anna Texas in May and June. The remaining six Dallas-Fort Worth clinics will continue to open this summer at Walmart stores in the cities of Cross Roads, Fort Worth, Frisco, Gainesville, Prosper and Weatherford.

About Essentials PetCare

Established in 2015, Essentials PetCare, LLC is a purpose-driven organization that provides easy access to affordable, high quality preventative and minor illness care for dogs and cats. The company’s mission is to expand veterinary services to more pet-owning families who would otherwise not seek care because of cost. Essentials PetCare believes that no animal should ever suffer or put its family at risk of contracting diseases due to affordability. In addition to caring for pets, the company is focused on the wellbeing of its employees by promoting work-life harmony, including flexible scheduling, comprehensive benefits, and employee stock options. For more information about Essentials PetCare, visit, @EssentialsPetCare on Facebook, and @EssentialsPet on Twitter.

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