The truth is, dogs can get the flu any season, and weather isn’t a direct factor in transmission. Dog flu is worrisome because it is highly contagious—and transferred by both direct contact (sneezing, coughing), or indirect contact (shared toys or water bowls). Affected dogs may develop coughing, nasal discharge, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

Any place where dogs socialize or congregate can put your dog at higher risk of infection. Places like doggie day cares, dog parks, boarding facilities or dog shows are obvious risks, but even shared water bowls between neighborhood dogs, or living in an urban location can lead to transmission of the disease.

A dog may contract this virus even in hot summer months, especially when traveling or visiting boarding facilities during summer vacation. It’s very difficult to control the spread of this virus because dogs can be contagious before symptoms appear.

We recommend vaccinating dogs against both strains of dog flu to keep your dog protected—and help you have a more worry-free summer! The initial round of vaccinations is only $100 for two doses. If your pet has already had initial vaccinations, annual boosters are $55 or just $25 with other vaccines.

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