That is fiction! But it goes a little deeper than bad or good… 

Let’s face it, dogs rarely have fresh-smelling breath, but a foul odor could mean that your pet is suffering from dental disease. Other signs that may mean your pet has dental problems include excessive drooling, pawing at the mouth, visibly loose teeth, and bleeding gums.

Dental disease is very common. Since dental disease can lead to serious health issues, it’s best to take your pet’s dental health very seriously. Pets need to be up to date on vaccines and should have a complete physical exam with some preoperative bloodwork prior to dental procedures. 

Visit Essentials PetCare for an affordable and convenient wellness package, which includes a doctor’s exam. Our doctor can advise if dental care is needed, perform preoperative bloodwork and will refer you to a trusted veterinary hospital in your area for your pet’s dental care.