Photo credit: Lene Eik

Your pet will look sharp for the holiday season with a home-made pet sweater! Here are 3 upcycled sweaters for cats and dogs you can try. 

Sock to Sweater 

Cut a sock to fit extra tiny pets with minimal to no sewing! 

Sleave to Sweater 

If your pet isn’t sock-size, this tutorial for small to medium pets is just as easy. All you need is the sleeve of an old sweater or sweatshirt! 

Custom-Fit Tutorial 

This tutorial will help you make a simple sewing pattern for a custom sweater that works for all sizes of pets! 

Essential Tip: It may be tempting to sneak your pet some holiday table scraps, but please remember that many human foods are hard to digest and even dangerous for pets. Make sure to keep these foods out of your pet’s reach this holiday season.