Before he was a veterinarian, Dr. Michael McIntire earned his Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology at the University of Texas in 1972. After graduating, he held several positions as a microbiologist, quality control superintendent, and laboratory manager, where he participated in product tests and oversaw laboratory teams.  

Dr. McIntire returned to school to begin his veterinary career and pursue his passion to help pets. He received his Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science at Texas A&M University, followed by his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1988. 

Upon graduating, Dr. McIntire cared for small animals and equines in private practices and then shifted to working in prescription diet. He took on a variety of responsibilities and management roles, including conducting seminars, team management and training, coordinating clinical studies, marketing development, and providing continuing education.   

Dr. McIntire joined the EPC team this past year and cares for our South Florida patients in Boynton Beach. He appreciates EPC’s model, which allows him to extend affordable and accessible, high-quality veterinary care to more pet families. Since his workday focuses on the routine essentials to keep pets healthy rather than emergencies and critical cases, he says he can enjoy work-life balance and more quality time with family too. 

We are certainly lucky to have such an ambitious addition to our team of veterinarians. Dr. McIntire is excited to help more pet families at EPC and hopes to meet your pet soon! 

Essential Tip: We’re on the lookout for more dedicated team members like Dr. McIntire to care for our patients. Whether you are a newcomer to the veterinary industry or are an experienced veterinary professional, you can enjoy career advancement, comprehensive benefits, and feel good about what you do with a position at Essentials PetCare!