Our space may be more limited to house and home, but there are lots of ideas to include your pet during extended time at home. And on the plus side, it gives us all more time to bond!

Hide & Sniff – Hide treats around the house for your pet to find. We’ve also seen parents put treats in muffin cups and cover each section with a tennis ball. Or make a blanket pile for them to “dig” into.

Roll Away – Indoors isn’t the best place to toss a ball, but your pet can have just as much fun and exercise if you roll one down the hallway or stairs.

Teach a New Trick – There are so many videos out there to help with this one, and now is a great opportunity to spend time learning one. Bonus if the trick is to help with chores.

Obstacle Course – Get the whole family involved creating an obstacle course. If you’re feeling competitive, you can see who in the family (pet or person) gets through the fastest.

Baths at Home – If your dog needs a bath while you’re at home, follow these veterinarian-recommended tips that can help prevent a painful skin infection called post-grooming furunculosis.

Have you tried any of the things on our list? Or do you have ideas of your own? Share them with us!