Essentials PetCare is a different breed of veterinary clinic. Our missionis to improve the lives of pets and their families by providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality veterinary care. 

We know how much you love your pets. We also know that veterinary care can be both expensive and inconvenient. We want to change that. 

We offer the essentials to keep your pet healthy and happy. This enables us to remain an affordable veterinary provider.  

Our clinics are always located in Walmart, making veterinary visits as easy as a trip to the store! No appointments needed. We offer same-day visits, simply check-in when you are ready to visit

We Are Devoted to High-quality Veterinary Care 

Essentials PetCare is the next step towards the future of veterinary medicine, in which care is consistently high-quality. We are hard at work to: 

  • Expand the reach of high-quality veterinary care to all pet families 
  • Increase awareness of portable prescriptions, helping ensure all pet families have access to reputable pet medications 
  • Promote pet parent education on essential veterinary topics to reduce the occurrence of serious preventable illnesses and the spread of zoonotic disease 

What Can Essentials PetCare Do for You?

One of the benefits of shopping at Walmart is taking advantage of their everyday low pricing. This helps people live better – without breaking the bank. Essentials PetCare is committed to offering the same price transparency – while providing quality care for your pet!  

Preventative Care Is the Best Care  

It is inevitable, pets get hurt and sick just like us, and need the proper care to heal. Our four-legged family members deserve to live healthy and long lives.  

When it comes to pet care, preventing is always better than treating. Prevention avoids pain for the pet and hefty veterinary bills for you. Essentials PetCare helps you make the long-term health of your pet a priority. At our clinics you’ll enjoy: 

  • Vaccine and minor illness packages that include a doctor’s exam and prescriptions for preventative medication. 
  • Tiered packages to help you select the best fit for your pet. 
  • Comprehensive reference lab testing. 
  • Bundled service savings with no hidden fees. 

Essentials PetCare’s clinics at Walmart stores help budget-conscious pet families easily access the high-quality care their pets deserve and stay current on their pets’ preventative care. 

Essential Tip: Want to get your pet’s preventative care started now? It’s easy! You can schedule your appointment and check-in online using the link below! We also offer convenient hours and accept walk-ins to meet your schedule. See you soon!