That is fiction! 

A dog with otitis externa, or an ear infection, will shake their head, scratch or rub at their ears. Their ears may have a bad odor, and especially if a yeast infection is present. The ears appear inflamed and the skin can become thickened in response. If otitis externa is not treated, the inflammation may progress and become even more painful. The infection may spread to the middle ear and potentially result in hearing loss and neurological signs. 

Otitis externa is diagnosed by a veterinarian’s examination of the ear. The veterinarian will use a special instrument called an otoscope which helps visualize the ear canal through magnification. The veterinarian may also take samples of the ear discharge for microscopic examination, to determine if there are parasites, bacteria, and/or yeast present. The microscopic examination helps determine the proper medication for treatment. Sometimes, ear infections can be stubborn and require more than one visit to properly treat the issue. Ear infections are commonly secondary to an underlying allergy, so be sure to tell your veterinarian if your dog is itchy or has any other skin symptoms.

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